U.S. Work-Study Programs for International Students
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Study for your U.S. Master Degree while Working and Earning U.S. Wages

Gain U.S. Work Experience and Master Degree so you become a strong candidate in the competitive Chinese job market

Study: HTIR Work-Study USA, Inc. has created unique work-study opportunities in the USA for Chinese students who want to earn a master degree from an accredited, high quality university, while working in full-time, paid job internships.

Work: In this unique work-study program (also known as a co-op or internship program) Chinese students can work in full time, paid, practical training employment for the whole duration of the master program in order to enhance the educational experience.

Earn: In the work-study program, students can earn US wages to use to pay for educational expenses

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HTIR Work-Study USA, Inc. is a global leader in USA work-study programs. HTIR has created unique work-study programs at numerous universities throughout the United States.

HTIR was started in the 1990’s by Fred Brandenfels, an immigration attorney who specializes in assisting students in obtaining student visas in order to come to the USA to work and study. Read more about HTIR.

The HTIR Work-Study Program is designed to give students practical work experience in curriculum-related employment with local US based corporations and businesses. In the work-study program, paid internship employment is mandatory, beginning in the first semester of the first academic year of the student's master degree program. Along with the mandatory internship employment, students will need to take a total of 15 to 18 master degree courses, depending on the enrolled program. Read more about the work-study program.

All HTIR work study schools are accredited. Check out school accreditation here

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